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I am a Las Vegas local and went for the first time, so this is a must do if you're a local or visiting, it's only 30 minutes away from the Strip. We did this whilst visiting Vegas. This was a lot of fun, Rambo and the team who run this tour had us all laughing as they told joke after joke all the way up the mountain. I've tried many things with my wife and am always looking for some new fun when on vacation.

Having experienced many other unique items in Las Vegas, this experience sure does make it to the top of the list. The zipline trio was such a blast from start to finish!!! The guides explain everything well and they have a great sence on humor which keeps the tour full of entertainment!

Bootleg Canyon. Click here to Reservations Check Bubble Reservations. Great Tour Guides. Speed and Thrills. Click here to Join the Flightliners! Users Join the Flightliners! Ranked 1 Outdoor Activity in Boulder City.

Valley of Fire State Park Nevada - Detours Travel Vlog: Ep. 1 - Adventure in a Backpack

Great Fun! Well Worth The Money. Truly Amazing Experience. Within an hour of Las Vegas you will find incredible hiking, biking, boating, fishing and exploring. For live music fans, the Brooklyn Bowl is an incredible venue right in the heart of the strip and features an awesome lineup of jam bands, blues artists, and DJs. The town is full of funky antique shops, cute diners, a new brewery, and Bootleg Canyon, a top destination for advanced mountain bikers.

There are two main airports in Nevada.

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If you will be traveling to the remote corners of the desert, having a car is a good idea — rent one at the airport. Star Gazing — Nevada is one of the best places in the country to stare up into the dark night sky. Most of the state, away from the bright lights of the cities, has ideal conditions for stargazing: no clouds and dry climate. Tonopah and Great Basin National Park are two excellent places to give it a go. Hot Springs — With so many opportunities for adventure, taking a dip in a hot spring is the best way to ease sore muscles — and Nevada is a great place to do that.

There are many to choose from, and embarking on an adventure to find the perfect one adds to the appeal. Goldstrike Hot Springs near Vegas has several pools to discover on a six-mile hike or overnight kayak trip.

Nevada (NV) Mud Runs & Obstacle Races

Check out our post mapping out over 20 hot springs in Nevada. Rock Climbing — Nevada is one of the most important climbing states in the country — stacked with incredible routes to challenge all levels. Red Rock Canyon is where you will find some of the best climbing in the state.

Hiking — From remote desert hikes to gorgeous lake vistas to high mountain terrain, there are all kinds of hiking opportunities in Nevada. Red Rock Canyon is just outside Vegas with lots of hikes to choose from. Kayaking — In a state as dry as Nevada, the lakes and rivers provide a sanctuary from the heat. Geocaching — A GPS-powered, real-life treasure hunt. There are millions of geocaching locations around the world, and none better than in Nevada. The Extraterrestrial Highway has over 1, hidden objects to discover.

There is gold, silver, mineral and gems dispersed all over the state, giving you the opportunity to make like an old fashioned prospector.

You can mine for opal in the Royal Peacock Opal Mine. Ghost Hunting — With more ghost towns than inhabited towns in the state, searching for ghosts is a fun, unique, and spooky outdoor adventure. Many ghost tours throughout Nevada will have you exploring abandoned cabins, buildings and cemeteries. Or you can take it upon yourself to discover the many ghost towns that dot the land. Rhyolite and Goldfield are two well-known ghost towns.

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Check out our favorite Nevada ghost towns in this blog post. Mountain Biking — Nevada has thousands of miles of biking routes.

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The area around Lake Tahoe has a huge range of mountain biking trails and Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City is one of the top rated and expert-level biking areas in the state. The untouched backcountry of the Sierra Mountains is where you will want to go for fresh snow and challenging terrain. Lee Canyon is the closest skiing option from Vegas, and a popular activity is to go helicopter skiing in the Ruby Mountains. In this park, you can take your pick from the incredible geographic diversity.

Hike to the top of Wheeler Peak, swim in one of the mountain lakes, explore the old forests, and tour limestone caves.