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Oooooh . . . Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex (豆瓣)

When looking at someone deep in their eyes, you see that person's true character. Whether you're 14 and just trying to figure out life, or 70 and starting to think about estate planning, Bachelor Pad Economics addresses every major and minor economic and financial issue the average man will face in his entire life. From dating, to what to major in, to purchasing a home, to starting a business, to children and wife training, Bachelor Pad Economics is the wisdom you wish the father-you-never-had gave you.

Whether they want to admit it or not most women play mind games on men.

When Do You Talk Dirty To a Woman? - Alan Roger Currie

Some do it ruthlessly and maliciously and others do it because they feel that this is a clever way and the only way sometimes to get men to do exactly what they want them to do in a relationship. These mind games that women play involve the highest form of manipulation. For example, a woman shedding crocodile tears with the sole purpose of getting a man to bend to her will.

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Men have been sold a bunch of pickup-artist crap to attract women. AMS is getting men back to the basics to attract the quality of women they genuinely want to attract and to stop settling for scraps. If you're dating or in a relationship and women constantly create drama, lose interest in you, or manipulate you, it's time you finally got some advice from one of the only relationship audiobooks for men that won't turn you into a doormat. Do you freeze up when you see an attractive girl?

Do you run out of things to say? Do you struggle to attract women through conversation? It doesn't have to be this way. What if you could effortlessly strike up a conversation with any woman, at any time, in any environment? What if you knew exactly how to keep the conversation going so you never ran out of things to say?

What if you could command women's attention and instantly connect with them? What if you could turn any conversation from boring to sexual? Because of rapidly changing technology and cultural norms, for the first time in history a man can live truly as he desires. He can truly be free, both in his business life and woman life, even if he's committed to one special girl. Design the perfect type of relationship for you: casual, very serious and committed, or something in between. While living in Southern California in the s, Author and Professional Dating Coach Alan Roger Currie earned the nickname, "The King of Verbal Seduction" from one of his former lovers and since then, Currie has gone on to teach many single heterosexual men how to use the power of their voice and their overall conversation skills as a means of creating instantaneous sexual chemistry with women of interest.

How does Dr. How mastering the art of 'erotic dirty sex talk' and engaging in hot kinky phone sex with women significantly enhances a man's ability to motivate women to quickly reveal the more erotically uninhibited side of their personality. Say it Again was Currie's best-selling paperback in , , and , and it is sure to enlighten and educate men all across the world regarding the hidden psychology of women's sexuality. Alan Roger Currie, the author and narrator of this audiobook, would be making a huge mistake to market this audiobook strictly to men like he did with his first two audiobooks I have now listened to all three of them.

I believe all of my single girlfriends would want to listen to this audiobook women will be very turned on by verbal seduction story 1 and 3 in Part Two of the audiobook, and probably story 2 and 6 as well. When you listen to Alan, some of the behavior of the opposite sex that you once perceived as complex or complicated all of the sudden makes sense to you.

Alan answers this question. Alan answers this question for men as well. Alan divides women into five sexual categories: The 1s are women who are extremely kinky, very promiscuous, and they never attempt to hide these qualities from men who they find attractive.

The 5s are women who are just the opposite: extremely sexually conservative and only willing to have sex within the context of marriage. Alan suggests that these are the two extremes, and that most women fall somewhere in the middle the 2s, 3s, and 4s. A rare combination for a personal development oriented audiobook. This audible is not about sleeping around and having random casual sexual affairs.

This is more about getting tuned in and getting turned on with your partner. This is more about all the things you can do in order to enjoy all of the pleasures of a satisfying sexual relationship. Sex is physical love. It is an intense and exciting sexual awareness for another person. Sex is one of the joys and pleasures of life. It is a very basic human need meant to be enjoyed intimately by two people having a close personal relationship. It involves seduction and intimacy, romance and affection, closeness and familiarity, desire and devotion. It is about making a meaningful emotional connection with the other person through a physical act.

It is about bonding with the other person in a sensual way in a loving relationship. It is a complete chemistry wherein your body, your mind and all of your emotions are drawn together fully to bring about pleasure and contentment. You can learn how to give and get this kind of sex with the information in this book! Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

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This audiobook goes into detail about why being bold, upfront and straightforward with women can bypass their social programming and eventually get them in sync with their true sexual desires. He says you don't have to seduce a Reciprocator, you cannot seduce a Rejecter nor a Timewaster, but you can definitely seduce a Wholesome Pretender. Wholesome Pretenders are women that want to sleep with you but are programmed to put on a facade. This audiobook is gold as well as his previous ones.

What did you like best about this story? I enjoyed the fact that it opened my eyes to things that I wasn't aware of. It also armed me with some skills that I can improve my voice and demeanor over time. Which scene was your favorite? My favorite part were the verbal stories and most specifically the last one. Alan demonstrated how he was able to get his friend a threesome with his aural skills.

The Wooist Podcast

It simply amazed me. I think I need Alan as my wingman! Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? I was more excited than anything when it came to this audiobook. I was nodding my head yes majority of the time as well as a few aha moments here and there. There are times where I was listening to it and I would laugh hysterically.

Any additional comments? For anyone that will purchase this audiobook, I urge you to listen to his previous two books, Mode One and The Possibility of Sex. Many of his terminologies run through all three of his books. Say It Again is the icing on the cake. Always felt this beta behavior drilled into me by my mom, other women and society was not right. Now, it all makes sense. I'm a Mode 1 fan and a Mode 1 man now. Those who know usually don't share the methods that are most successful. Here Alan delivers successful methods and tips to unmistakably identify and seduce pretenders.

Get the book and get laid tonight, peace. The author does an extremely good job structuring the valuable content in this audio book. By far the best part of this book was part II, where Alan Roger Currie recites his previous dirty and kinky talks with women in various scenarios. The fact that it's an audiobook format not a text, makes this much better than reading from book also the female voice-actors really turned me on.

I can't tell if all of part I was very useful for me since I've read all his other books, but in part II during his conversations with women, Alan will take time to give commentaries on what's happening in the conversation, which was very helpful. All in all, this audiobook has given me "permission" to be my authentic self, since I'm already kinky and dirty guy, I just always thought it's a taboo to talk to women this way, but now my attitude is much better. I've already noticed that my new straightforward attitude has made women I meet get many more orgasms.

I'm now more positive about my future as heterosexual single man with lots of sexual fantasies! I've never read a whole book in my 25 years. But this is the 2nd book I've read from ARC. I can say my life will never be the same. After reading both Mode 1 and Ooooh Say It Again, I'm finally transforming to being the best upfront honest me that I always wanted to be. Thank you Alan, I wish I could meet you and show how thankful I am. You need to make mpre books!! And the recap of the previous chapter. It feels like filler, and I just end up fast forwarding. I could see if it was an episodic series, and the author was recapping from the previous week, but I just finished the previous chapter that already had a recap at the end.

But besides that, nothing but solid information. Lowering inhibitions and embracing the joy of erotic filth, this is proper sex education for grownups. Listen and learn guys. In part two, learning and arousal is heightened further with as Currie regales the listener with six verbal seduction stories, based on real liaisons of the King himself.

Be warned, serious arousal is coming, so expect to get delayed in this part as you enjoy the fires in your loins climax is optional, but in all honesty inevitable. This audiobook is a perfect companion to getting to grips with not only your own close personal assets, but it helps you get the pants off your wildest fantasies and then explode into a night of lust, passion and pleasure rather than your average anti-climatical fumbles in the dark. Not only do I highly recommend this audiobook to the gents, but I believe the ladies will be thoroughly enlightened and aroused as well. This book is a useful guide to how men can confidently speak to women with the result ending in a enjoyable sexual experience that does not necessarily equate to a relationship.

The author teaches how to pick up on verbal and non verbal cues that in the past, I overlooked. I am definitely telling my mates about this book. It will earn me a few free pints! Only if they want to advance their sex life. I fisrt seen a video of Alan a few years ago, he was talking about his directness with women, at the time I did not believe that would work for me. I thought women would fall out with you if you told them what you really want.

A life time of socially conditioned opinions about womens sexuality made me behave like a gentleman all the time, this was re-enforced by learning PUA nonsense that said never to reveal your true interests to women. This is advanced stuff for me, and many men who are at the start of their journey in to understanding women may find it hard to get their heads round it or accept it, just like I had problems accepting before. But the proof is in the pudding, only through experimenting with these ideas have I come to realise that women do not hate you for telling them the truth, you think they will, but they don't.

So no more mr nice guy now for me It really helps build confidence, to understand how to read the signs, to ensure who you are talking to are interested in you. Though if you are happy to be friends it also gives you the insight into that as well. What other book might you compare Oooooh. Say it Again to, and why?

Not listened to another book like it, its somethings new to me and and I really enjoyed the style and accent of the audiobook. How does this one compare? First time and very impressed, a real straight talking guy. Someone with experience. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? The part on reading a woman's intentions , probably one of the hardest things for me to read in a woman.

This world is becoming more manipulative and its good to know how to read a woman to find out her intentions, just making that level playing field in the battle of minds. We've all heard the adage that the truth shall set you free. Well, why not help others to become free as well. One of the main reasons we go to clubs, fetes, parties, or jump in carnival, is to let loose, to be our true selves and free up One of the first lessons in the art of seduction is that men and women are walking around, not free, but constrained by social conditioning, many with pent up frustration, tense about their work situation, finances, relationships and all other things that we simply do not always want to talk about, especially right now.

Why not give our fellow human beings the gift of being able to escape for a few moments Life is meant to be enjoyed my friend and we we're born to give pleasure and good vibes to ourselves and each other. In this book, ARC breaks down what it means to break someone down. Personally I've experienced women who were desperate for me to break through their social conditioning I knew they were attracted to me, we both knew we wanted each other The knowledge, wisdom and insights Alan Roger Currie shares in this book seem so obvious yet so profound.

It resonates with you as the reader because deep down you know its very true I know from experience that getting a woman shocked at how straight up you can be is a good thing, I know and love the feeling of tension and anticipation, I know that cheeky smirk that comes across my face when I'm doing it right Most of our success in life, and certainly with women, happen by chance, experimentation, learning from mistakes and experience According to his many fans and conquests, ARC is the king of verbal seduction. He really does school us on the art of aural sex.

We know men are more visual and women are more aural. Men watch graphic videos to get off. Women get into hot, steamy and sexy stories to get off. To turn a woman on and make her kunt extremely wet, you don't need walk around with x-rated movies on your phone Say it Again! A lot of the information in this book can be found in Mode One, although i found this book does have a few contradictions in it.

For example, in his book Mode One Mr Curry makes a strong emphasis that a man should never use small talk when interacting with women, yet he does so on one or two occasions in this book. But the reason I returned this book was due to the part where the author reenacts having real sex with the female narrators.