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Of mice and men: the influence of human genetic variation on cognitive function Time to rethink the future of psychiatry and medicine Dopamine or Glutamate: which is the psychotic fire-starter? Fonagy P. The use of R statistical programme in Psychiatry. When the author and publisher are the same, skip the author, and list the title first. Then, list the corporate author only as the publisher. List by title of the book.

Incorporate these entries alphabetically just as you would with works that include an author name.

  • Busy Peoples Low-Carb Cookbook.
  • Edited by Susan Young, Michael Kopelman, and Gisli Gudjonsson.
  • A Phenomenology of Working-Class Experience (Cambridge Cultural Social Studies).
  • APA Style Introduction?

For example, the following entry might appear between entries of works written by Dean, Shaun and Forsythe, Jonathan. Remember that for an in-text parenthetical citation of a book with no author, you should provide the name of the work in the signal phrase and the page number in parentheses.

You may also use a shortened version of the title of the book accompanied by the page number.

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If you want to emphasize the work rather than the translator, cite as you would any other book. Foucault, Michel. If you want to focus on the translation, list the translator as the author. Note that this type of citation is less common and should only be used for papers or writing in which translation plays a central role. Howard, Richard, translator. Books may be republished due to popularity without becoming a new edition. New editions are typically revisions of the original work. For books that originally appeared at an earlier date and that have been republished at a later one, insert the original publication date before the publication information.

For books that are new editions i. There are two types of editions in book publishing: a book that has been published more than once in different editions and a book that is prepared by someone other than the author typically an editor. Crowley, Sharon, and Debra Hawhee. Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students. Cite the book as you normally would, but add the editor after the title with the label "edited by.

Bronte, Charlotte. To cite the entire anthology or collection, list by editor s followed by a comma and "editor" or, for multiple editors, "editors. If you are citing a particular piece within an anthology or collection more common , see A Work in an Anthology, Reference, or Collection below.

Hill, Charles A.

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Defining Visual Rhetorics. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Peterson, Nancy J.

Toni Morrison: Critical and Theoretical Approaches. Johns Hopkins UP, Works may include an essay in an edited collection or anthology, or a chapter of a book. The basic form is for this sort of citation is as follows:. Last name, First name. Harris, Muriel. Swanson, Gunnar. Note on Cross-referencing Several Items from One Anthology: If you cite more than one essay from the same edited collection, MLA indicates you may cross-reference within your works cited list in order to avoid writing out the publishing information for each separate essay.

You should consider this option if you have several references from a single text. To do so, include a separate entry for the entire collection listed by the editor's name as below:. Rose, Shirley K. The Writing Program Administrator as Researcher. Heinemann, Then, for each individual essay from the collection, list the author's name in last name, first name format, the title of the essay, the editor's last name, and the page range:.

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L'Eplattenier, Barbara. Peeples, Tim. Please note: When cross-referencing items in the works cited list, alphabetical order should be maintained for the entire list. Burns, Robert. Kincaid, Jamaica. If the specific literary work is part of the author's own collection all of the works have the same author , then there will be no editor to reference:. Whitman, Walt. Carter, Angela.

Martinez, and Andrew K. Meston Schizophrenia Kim T. Nock, Christine B. Cha, and Halina J. South, Thomas F. Oltmanns, and Robert F.

Oxford handbook of clinical geropsychology: International perspectives.

Krueger Disorders of Development V. Dimeff, Andrew P. Paves, Julie M. Skutch, and Eric A. McCaffrey, Julie K. Emery, Derek R. Anderson, and Barbara L. Lewis, Eric Statt, and Bess H. Kleespies and Justin M. Ollendick and Stephen R. Baucom, Norman B. Epstein, Jennifer S. Kirby, and Mariana K.

  1. Edited by John Hunsley and Eric J. Mash?
  2. Finding Fibonacci: The Quest to Rediscover the Forgotten Mathematical Genius Who Changed the World.
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